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I am traveling and am in a city in Brazil. My only credit card got cloned. I have bitcoins. How can I use them to get my hands on some fast cash to buy food, etc?

This is a real situation. I only have about $75 in cash, but have a few thousand dollars in bitcoin. I'm in Manaus (a city in the middle of the Amazon). I was wondering if anyone knew how I could quickly convert some bitcoin to the local currency (Reals). I don't mind a fee, I would even use Western Union if there was a quick and easy way to do it.
edit: I'm still looking for the best way to get some local currency. So far this is what investigating has lead to: There are a handful of services that will do it, that are so small that I would actually be more likely to trust a redditor with a decent account history. (https://www.ecurrencyzone.com/ would be an example of someone who provides the service, but does not inspire confidence).
One guy (Talan_Sun) started up an account to respond to this offering to send me money and then I send him bitcoins in an incrementing spiral, until I have the full 2k. Seems weird, but, well, he'd be taking the risk if he really did that, so it seems like an okay offer, although quite a long way to do it.
The best redditor offer that I will go for if a company does not work out is Julian702 in the comments here. He seems like a nice guy, and has a good reputation with people vouching for him. This is more confidence inspiring than those shady looking websites set up to do it.
Right now where I'm at is that I contacted BitInstant asking if they could help, using their form, and they did not respond. But now Erik with a @bitinstant email address shows up in these comments and says to contact him if I still need the money. So I'm doing that, and depending on what happens there, I'll go with Erik from BitInstant, and if not him, then Julian from the comments.
edit2: Just had breakfast. Another $8.50 gone.
Final edit: Although the reddit community and individual redditors were greatly supportive and awesome in general, there were no really clean and sane ways to do it. Nothing that didn't either take a long time, or involve trusting an internet person with the entire sum of money. In terms of risk, I really would trust someone with a good reputation with a couple of k in a pinch. But really I thought there'd be a simpler way to do it. Give someone bitcoins, then they send you money. That doesn't seem that hard. But on that same note Western Union and MoneyGram would not allow me to make a bank account deposit to myself, and then pick it up at one of their offices. So who would've thought getting your hands on some some cash when you have money would be so hard?
What ended up seemingly being the best and easiest solution was using MasterCard emergency services. They can get money into a bank account within a few hours, and can provide an emergency card which will be valid for 3 months or so within a few days. So this is the kind of service a huge corporation will provide you when they take so much our money for providing a non-service, that they don't know what else to do with it. Ah well, it gets me out of a pinch, anyway.
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BTC-E.com safety checklist for noobs

DISABLE JAVA There's java zero day exploits being discovered all the time. One exploit still hasn't been fixed. You should do this permanently with your browser java is an exploit factory. IE you can't completely disable java so don't use it.
INSTALL NOSCRIPT ADDON https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/noscript/ or whatever shit script blockers Chrome/Safari use because Chrome is still lacking the required infrastructure for selective script disablement and object blocking so noscript isn't available, but inferior clones are. Whitelist only sites you need, like btc-e.com so it doesn't automatically load harmful scripts on untrusted sites.
GET AN ENCRYPTED PASSWORD SAFE http://www.schneier.com/passsafe.html Don't use any solution that 'encrypts in your browser' because it will need java and we disabled java remember?
MAKE NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT JUST FOR TRADING Make a random account name + password that can't be guessed. http://www.passwordgenerator.eu/
Store them in your password safe so you don't forget them. Never reuse that password on any site. ENABLE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.
Note that 2factor ID sometimes doesn't work if your phone time is off. You get 30 seconds to type in the code, if off by 10 seconds derp run out of time. Set your time manually if the shitty telco time server is off www.timeanddate.com
MAKE BTC-E ACCOUNT Use impossible to guess passwords from password generator + throw in your own random letters. Save in password safe. Do not pick a name anywhere close to being your email username.
ENABLE 2FACTOR ID Click Profile, then click 'Edit'
https://btc-e.com/profile#edit/home - confirm your email.
https://btc-e.com/profile#edit/security - enable "Withdraw only with request on E-Mail"
DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS IN THE TROLLBOX!!!! No matter how innocent the link looks don't click anything in the chatbox. Hackers are dropping links full of java zeroday, redirectors that look just like btc-e login page and phish for passwords, all sorts of bad. Trollbox is also prone to misinformation being that it is a trollbox. Avoid.
If you chat on there, expect every PM sent to you will be from a hacker trying to mine information or get you to click a link. Assume every link is an exploit attempt. Notice how it displays your name, if you picked same name as your email, they can go to work on both by trying to break into your gmail account. This is another way how people get their coins stolen. Hacker takes chat name and tries it on gmail/hotmail/yahoo. If they get in because you didn't set up 2 factor expect to be robbed of coins.
DO NOT ENABLE API Unless you know what you're doing, do not enable this. Liberty Reserve disabled their API by default because of so many drained accounts.
DISCLAIMER Of course, be aware the exchange is in Russia or possibly Bulgaria and if anything happens the owner could just disappear, but this is highly unlikely. Why would you walk away from a money machine. Remember bitfloor (US) lost all it's customers bitcoins once, CryptoXchange (Australia) stole from users and disappeared, Bitcoinica (China?) stole or lost all the coins, and bitcoin-24 (German) has just lost their bank account and owner MIA. All exchanges carry risk no matter what country they are in.
You can fund btc-e through cash deposit in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Australia with http://www.ecurrencyzone.net/ which are authorized exchange listed on the Okpay.com site. They sell btc-e vouchers and Okpay. So does http://liliontransfer.org/ for wires and other methods.
If you want a really secure platform (you fear your comp is probably already infected with hidden java zeroday botnet) then download any linux live distro and make bootable USB or burn to CD. I recommend Liberty Linux http://dee.su and just use the non private browser (disable java and javascript!), NOT the Tor browser you don't want to trust SSL over Tor and risk a malicious exit node capturing traffic and running sslstrip on it or feeding you a MITM attack with spoofed certs.
If you want to know why watch this, nothing has changed since this talk was given: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7Wl2FW2TcA
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Bitcoin exchanges with self-signed, misconfigured or non-existent HTTPS servers. [security]

Hello all,
I did a brief preliminary report of Bitcoin exchanges and their HTTPS configurations. Good news a big chunk of them (even the smaller guys) are HTTPS prepped and have their servers properly setup. Unfortunately there are still many exchanges buying/selling/or handling Bitcoins who aren't keen on their user-client security. Why is this an issue? There are several reasons mainly ease of mind - knowing your provider is secure in at least one sense. But you also have to factor in ManinTheMiddle attacks, handling commerce/trades in plaintext, phishing attacks and so on. Read more here
Here is my list so far with a note for each issue. I've also contacted most, if not all, of these providing inquiring about their security initiatives. Spread the message: we want secure services.


No SSL server running at all.

liliontransfer.org: RESPONDED will implement on https://lilion.org

SSL server running with expired, self-signed cert.

btcx.se: RESPONDED awaiting new cert from Comodo.

SSL server running with self-signed cert for domain somename.somewhere.com


SSL server running with self-signed cert


No SSL server running at all.


No SSL server running at all.


SSL server running with expired cert: The certificate expired on 9/2/2013 11:07 PM


SSL server running with self-signed cert.

btcrow.com + btc-asia.com:

SSL servers running, but redirect back to http://


No SSL server at all.

btcinstant.com: RESPONDED: Will work on implementation

Misconfigured HTTPS. Errors out.


Misconfigured HTTPS. Errors out.


Misconfigured HTTPS. SSL peer has no certificate for the requested DNS name


No SSL server at all.


Misconfigured HTTPS. No issuer listed.
I will update this thread with new additions that we find as a community, but as well as updates from site operators and fixes!
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