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Lets find this Address

Lamborghini Newport Beach

So I found out recently that Lamborghini Newport Beach accepted BTC and I was curious to know what their address was.
Curious to know how much they are currently sitting on. I know at the beginning of the year they pulled in a nice amount while accepting Bitcoin for sales and am just curious to know where they currently sit and how much they currently own......lets see the amount that was paid compared to current market value and see how much USD value they have lost
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Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder with Manny K. James Bond Bitcoin Live 0073 #Lamborghini LAMBORGHINI VS FERRARI You can use TRON (TRX) to purchase this 07 Lamborghini Murcielago at American Bitcoin Conference Let's Talk Cars: Lamborghini Newport Beach Supercar Show Mclaren 720s

Bitcoin bros the world over are purchasing the iconic Italian supercar as the symbol of their newfound wealth, which is why Lamborghini Newport Beach posted an announcement on Instagram that it ... Lamborghini Newport Beach yesterday sold this Tesla Model S electric car to an customer who paid in Bitcoins . WHAT IS BITCOIN CURRENCY? Bitcoin is a distributed peer-to-peer digital currency that ... Lamborghini Newport Beach in Costa Mesa accepted Bitcoin—a virtual currency—as payment for used Tesla Model S electric vehicle. The purchase was initiated by a customer who found the vehicle on the Internet and asked the dealership if he could pay for it in bitcoins, according to dealership’s General Manager Pietro Frigerio. Saszi then heard about sales with bitcoin from Frigerio at Lamborghini Newport Beach, who he says is a friend and colleague. At that time it was infrequent, but not unheard of. At that time it was ... Quite a few cryptocurrencies have immensely increased in value since, with its current peak in 2017. A growing topic started becoming “Bitcoin Lambo” in the Bitcoin community – they were starting to wonder when they’d be able to buy a Lamborghini car with their Bitcoin. And sure enough, there have been a few who have made this dream come true. The most famous, well-documented example ...

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Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder with Manny K.

2017 "Bianco Monocerus" Lamborghini Huracán RWD Spyder Lamborghini Newport Beach Ripple, ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin, or tron - interesting! This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Bullfest 2019 Next Level Insanity ! 200 + Lambos go crazy! Celebrity SVJ ! Welcome to Miami! I hit the streets of Miami with my Lambros from all over the world! Lamborghini Bullfest 2019 was an ... Yiannimize friend and customer Bitcoin Investor Michael Hudson crashes his £290k, 1 of 1, SE 20 Viola Lamborghini Huracán Performante into a ditch. No he was... SuperCarShow Lamborghini Newport Beach Walkthrough on DAN-O-VISION... First Saturday of each month at their Costa Mesa showroom they gather for SuperCarShow.