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Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings (January 24, 2018) – text version

Soo, I made a text version of the PDF file I found on WeissRatings (shasum 6a5369a164593469134e4131a0e2baa4ca0bab73), in case it goes offline.
Here you go!
Rating Cryptocurrency name • Symbol Price (USD) 24-hr Change 7-Day Change 30-Day Change Market Cap (USD)
C Aeon • AEON 4.25 -0.55% -1.32% 13.33% 61.24M
C+ Ark • ARK 6.00 9.99% 5.69% -4.56% 519.47M
C Asch • XAS 0.9594 4.35% 7.60% -28.90% 92.60M
D+ Auroracoin • AUR 1.29 0.60% -9.89% -2.97% 10.34M
C+ Bitcoin • BTC 10,962.72 -1.67% -5.75% -22.45% 175.91B
C- Bitcoin Cash • BCH 1,630.70 -1.13% -9.36% -45.88% 26.16B
D+ Bitcoin Gold • BTG 190.60 -6.74% -5.07% -35.96% 3.07B
C+ Bitshares • BTS 0.3232 -1.91% -8.20% -41.96% 805.47M
C BlackCoin • BLK 0.5029 -0.99% -9.11% -21.05% 38.93M
C Blocknet • BLOCK 34.83 5.63% -6.94% 0.29% 163.45M
C Burst • BURST 0.0465 1.79% 0.60% -29.87% 77.93M
C+ Byteball Bytes • GBYTE 716.70 1.53% 4.12% 7.65% 429.33M
C Bytecoin • BCN 0.0062 -0.42% -3.62% -4.19% 1.10B
B- Cardano • ADA 0.5581 -2.26% -10.70% 43.12% 14.01B
C- CloakCoin • CLOAK 15.21 -5.24% -6.72% -26.62% 74.81M
C Counterparty • XCP 56.65 -4.09% 24.85% 78.43% 141.79M
C+ Dash • DASH 761.01 -1.07% -1.35% -34.97% 5.68B
C+ Decred • DCR 91.20 1.34% 10.03% 2.07% 569.93M
C- DigiByte • DGB 0.0547 3.50% -8.77% -34.40% 491.89M
C- DigitalNote • XDN 0.0276 -3.77% -2.48% -25.39% 194.31M
C Dogecoin • DOGE 0.0066 -1.34% -3.50% -22.58% 719.29M
D+ Einsteinium • EMC2 0.6347 10.85% 20.60% -34.35% 125.59M
C- Electroneum • ETN 0.1217 0.11% 7.84% 29.14% 700.88M
B EOS • EOS 13.36 -11.64% 21.42% 44.34% 7.71B
B Ethereum • ETH 993.02 -2.84% -7.67% 43.16% 92.31B
C Ethereum Classic • ETC 28.88 -5.45% -2.62% -3.38% 2.73B
D Expanse • EXP 4.70 -3.81% -4.07% -0.35% 37.97M
C- Feathercoin • FTC 0.2856 -1.25% -8.57% -24.28% 51.59M
D+ GameCredits • GAME 3.64 2.35% -16.14% -3.29% 226.89M
D+ Gulden • NLG 0.2668 -2.71% -10.46% 48.75% 100.34M
C+ I/O Coin • IOC 4.79 -2.68% 13.15% 40.55% 79.54M
C Komodo • KMD 6.20 -0.51% 9.90% -41.27% 603.19M
C Lisk • LSK 21.70 1.68% 3.10% 8.86% 2.45B
C+ Litecoin • LTC 178.12 -1.48% -5.60% -35.00% 9.43B
D Matchpool • GUP 0.5909 4.87% -0.01% -1.32% 40.71M
D+ Megacoin • MEC 0.0890 -11.25% -17.92% 4.46% 3.41M
D+ Metaverse ETP • ETP 2.46 0.73% -2.33% -3.78% 88.50M
C Monero • XMR 309.60 -4.21% -6.13% -12.58% 4.68B
C- Namecoin • NMC 3.89 2.91% -11.52% 12.98% 55.57M
C NAV Coin • NAV 2.73 0.45% -13.26% 15.56% 162.80M
C Neblio • NEBL 20.97 -4.66% -8.87% 219.04% 258.41M
C+ NEM • XEM 0.9352 -5.89% -9.81% -9.32% 8.17B
B- NEO • NEO 120.75 -2.25% -16.74% 103.75% 7.43B
C Nexus • NXS 5.30 -4.84% -4.03% 57.02% 282.58M
D Novacoin • NVC 5.42 -1.38% -9.74% -12.52% 10.42M
C Nxt • NXT 0.3385 -11.88% 19.59% -80.92% 337.56M
C Peercoin • PPC 4.92 -4.47% -6.73% 12.14% 112.82M
C PIVX • PIVX 11.86 29.20% 43.11% -0.47% 637.68M
D PotCoin • POT 0.2172 -1.33% -2.39% -29.43% 46.59M
D+ Pura • PURA 0.3538 -7.36% -8.72% -29.60% 58.55M
C Qtum • QTUM 41.66 -6.88% 4.01% -22.91% 2.79B
D Quark • QRK 0.0240 1.28% -1.80% 68.50% 5.50M
C RaiBlocks • XRB 14.05 -2.99% -4.52% 200.94% 1.78B
C- ReddCoin • RDD 0.0110 0.27% -0.05% -27.59% 305.73M
C Ripple • XRP 1.42 -5.26% 11.25% 28.72% 49.31B
D Rise • RISE 0.7834 -3.00% 12.88% 7.88% 85.11M
D SaluS • SLS 62.91 -6.63% 13.79% -49.67% 60.84M
C Shift • SHIFT 5.21 5.63% -12.10% -17.46% 58.82M
C- Skycoin • SKY 28.32 -6.50% -10.17% 66.66% 208.90M
C SmartCash • SMART 0.9988 3.84% 1.57% 434.35% 446.96M
B- Steem • STEEM 4.23 -4.32% 9.53% 25.06% 1.03B
C Stellar • XLM 0.4827 -0.48% 8.25% 116.26% 8.22B
C Stratis • STRAT 12.41 6.10% -17.88% -12.04% 1.14B
C Syscoin • SYS 0.6200 -3.85% 4.03% -7.38% 321.08M
C- Ubiq • UBQ 4.47 5.83% 13.54% 4.99% 161.44M
C Verge • XVG 0.0928 -1.45% 7.86% -63.53% 1.28B
C Vertcoin • VTC 4.46 5.69% 10.63% -41.18% 179.97M
C- Viacoin • VIA 3.85 3.50% -9.24% 18.10% 79.13M
C Waves • WAVES 8.14 -1.45% -2.71% -41.02% 802.34M
C- WhiteCoin • XWC 0.1787 -1.55% -3.17% -18.53% 43.61M
C XTRABYTES • XBY 0.2853 -5.93% -15.90% 20.77% 118.50M
C Zcash • ZEC 448.19 -1.73% -14.75% -20.76% 1.32B
C ZCoin • XZC 71.98 3.79% -2.88% -14.52% 273.47M
C- ZenCash • ZEN 35.45 -3.90% -12.32% -19.85% 105.64M
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Top 20 coins by development activity

List below from coingecko, sorted by development activity. I've added the launch dates to the best of my knowledge to give a sense of what has staying power and what the new kids on the block are.
Edit 2: Seems I missed a couple when I was hand-copying this so adding the ones I missed (Zcash, Lisk, Counterparty) so the list / numbers are updated.
  1. Bitcoin (BTC) - 2009
  2. Ethereum (ETH) - 2015
  3. Litecoin (LTC) - 2011
  4. Monero (XMR) - 2014
  5. Siacoin (SC) - 2015
  6. Steem (STEEM) - 2016
  7. Ripple (XRP) - 2012
  8. Zcash (ZEC) - 2016
  9. Lisk (LSK) - 2016
  10. Counterparty (XCP) - 2014
  11. Golem (GNT) - 2016
  12. Dogecoin (DOGE) - 2013
  13. LBRY Credits (LBC) - 2016?
  14. Dash (DASH) - 2014
  15. Gridcoin (GRC) - 2013
  16. PIVX (PIVX) - 2016
  17. Decred (DCR) - 2015
  18. Storjcoin X (SJCX) - 2014
  19. Factom (FCT) - 2014
  20. Augur (REP) - 2016
  21. Namecoin (NMC) - 2011
  22. BitShares (BTS) - 2013
  23. Feathercoin (FTC) - 2011
EDIT: These are core development rankings, not ecosystem rankings. The latter would have to be estimated and I don't know anyone who's attempted to do that comprehensively.
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New Idea: Peer 2 Peer, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

A powerful idea occurred to me earlier today that would benefit the state of cryptocurrencies immensely if it became a reality. A network where cryptocurrencies can be exchanged in a P2P fashion with a block chain type architecture similar to what cryptocoins use themselves. Decentralized and out of the control of any individual.
It cuts out the middle man and reduces the need for "exchanges". For example, you can trade Bitcoin for Litecoin, PPC, Namecoin, Feathercoin, or whatever other currency is supported without the need to pay any transaction fees or pay a "percentage" to an exchange. Direct trades from one person to another throughout the network. I would imagine the GUI would look like a crossbreed between the current QT wallet software coins are using and napster back in the good ole days.
It also opens up a whole new market for investing, without your spread price, or any trade fees. A P2P exchange like this would only make crypto more popular because it would attract virtually every investor that currently trades on the Forex market. No spread = GG. It's a Forex traders wet dream.
Assuming this was created and ran smoothly, the only reason we would need any exchanges like Mt.Gox at all would be to convert crypto into fiat. There would still be an exchange fee for this of course but that's understandable. With the infrastructure finally getting put in place for BTC and LTC, it's quite feasible that we won't even need to trade crypto for fiat in order to pay for the things we need in daily life in the near future.
I'm sure I'm not alone in being able to appreciate this idea, and how awesome it would be for cryptocurrency in general. Alas, I'm not a programmer so I decided to put this out in reddit land, hoping a group of brilliant young minds see the value in the idea and actually create it.
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What makes mint so much more special than any other coin

Hello everyone,
I am posting this because I think it's important...
Overall, Mintcoin is faster, more energy efficient, has billions of coins which is a good thing because you don't run into the problem that people have with Bitcoin where they don't want to buy 0.19 of a coin for $100 they want to be able to afford to buy a whole coin - so Mintcoin has better liquidity. Transaction times are faster than Litecoin and fees basically 0. More secure from 51% attack because of the hybrid PoW/PoS. Mintcoin's energy efficiency cannot be understated. The cost of power consumption for PoW coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dodge, et al. are becoming more and more centralized as the mining industry evolves into a multimillion commercial enterprise owned by corporations. Proof-of-Work is basically proof of energy consumption which is not sustainable and terrible for the environment. Once Bitcoin and Litecoin hit their max coin caps, then all of those miners will have to try to make their money on transaction fees with is cost prohibitive. Mintcoin solves so many problems it is ridiculous.
Mintcoin doesn't need miners to secure the network, so it is vastly more energy efficient and secure than Bitcoin, relatively speaking.
With Bitcoin/Litecoin/Feathercoin/Namecoin et al, the security of the network is dependent upon the miners, and this will lead to eventual centralization of the networks and security will be reduced over time. With Mintcoin, the coin is designed in such a way so that security will increase over time, and the network will become more decentralized. So due to the design, Peercoin is the most likely to be sustainable, and not waste excess energy. Mintcoin is greener, better for saving our environment and saving electricity, Mintcoin solves the mining arms race problem we are beginning to see with these other coins.
Bitcoin's security relies on miners. As time goes on, Bitcoin will be forced to move transactions "off block-chain". If Bitcoin moves off block-chain, miners cannot be compensated for these transactions. If miners cannot be compensated, they won't mine. If miners don't mine, network security goes down as time goes on. As time goes on, Bitcoin becomes increasingly less secure and more risky to use as a safe-haven to store very large sums of money. Mintcoin's design solves this problem.
MINT is more energy efficient, secure against 51% attack, and enforce transaction fees at protocol level to defend against block bloating attacks. Bitcoin's network is actually a huge waste of energy, and will become less and less attractive as time goes on, less secure as time goes on, and eventually get block bloated. Mintcoin has "Significant" innovation above and beyond Bitcoin and other coins.
Bitcoin, Litecoin, et al. and potentially even Peercoin will suffer from an endless cycle of perpetually needing more and more and MORE mining gear to keep it going...this process is really turning into a beast that can only end badly...and it is never going to end. The worst part about Bitcoin is that Proof-of-Work has basically turned into Proof-of-Electricity. This is going to be a serious energy problem...and only the places with cheap electricity will be able to compete...this will force energy prices perpetually higher and higher.
But now, with Mintcoin, this is completely unnecessary. Mintcoin is environmentally sustainable, and shows that Bitcoin is just an inefficient coin, a complete waste of money, and resources. I am not against Bitcoin, I love BTC, but I am looking objectively, and I am willing to admit it is not perfect. Mintcoin is much more tailored to surpass it.
Mintcoin features a combination of many of the best features of many prior coins, (speed, coin cap, energy efficiency, fair distribution) and the combination of such features is what make Mintcoin new and fresh innovation. Mintcoin is the first coin to implement PoW/PoS hybrid that goes to 1 coin PoW after the initial PoW phase making while also being the first PoW/PoS coin to have a coin cap, with faster transaction times. The combination of these makes MINT superior in energy efficiency and ability to retain value without being inflated away.
Energy efficiency
Transaction speed
Coin cap
Good name
Good distribution
-sourced from bitcointalk & Wikipedia
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Uptrenda whitepaper: a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange - feedback requested

So I've been working on a new design for trading cryptocurrencies that significantly reduces the impact of a compromise as well as the economic incentive for an attacker. My design is peer-to-peer and based on using smart contracts to allow complete strangers to trade altcoins without relying on a centralised exchange. It is a peer-to-peer approach, although (as of yet) it's not completely decentralised because it also includes aspects of traditional exchanges to help make matching trades faster and more reliable.
The main benefits of my system:
I've written a white paper that describes my design and I'll be releasing a basic prototype in the coming weeks, just got to put in some finishing touches. If anyone has some spare time to read my paper (warning: it's a little technical) - I'd deeply appreciate some feedback.
The paper is available here:
Edit: Fixed formatting. Sorry.
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